Eastern Ontario Labour Education

Kingston & District Labour Council
Eastern Ontario H&S/WCB Labour School


November 13 or 14 through to November 18, 2018 


 School Registration Information

  REGISTER ONLINE HERE  For the Fall 2018 School

In the spirit of ensuring we will continue to have healthy and safe workplaces for generations to come, this Spring School we will again be offering $100 scholarships for the first 10 Young Workers (30 and under) who enroll with a paid registration in entry level courses (WHSC Level 1, or Prevention Link (ODRT) Level 1 and 2). Please contact us at kdlceducation@gmail.com for more information.

1)  The Fall Class list webpage can be viewed here, check to see if your are registered in your course and the registration is paid. 

2) View, download and print the Fall School Registration and course descriptions 

3) The Fall 2018 week DRAFT schedule can be downloaded here.

We recognize that the school takes place on traditional territory of the Anishnabeck, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, which is treatied territory. It was inhabited by the Cayuga in the 17th Century, then the Mississauga in the 18th Century, and then the Mohawk.

PLEASE NOTE This educational is a harrassment and sent-free environment

Read more about scent free environments here

 Contact us:       kdlceducation@gmail.com

Fall 2018 Course Offerings:

COURSES OFFERED (all 30 Hours except where noted):               
1.  WHSC Level 1 Basic Occupational Health & Safety Awareness No prerequisite
2.  WHSC Level 2 Committees (Provincial) You must hold a Level 1 certificate to enroll       
3. Prevention Link - WSIB Level 1 & 2 No prerequisite to register
4. Prevention Link – WSIB Level 5, Medical Orientation Prerequisites: Level 1&2; and either 3 or 4
5. Prevention Link - WSIB Level 3, Appeals Prerequisites: Level 1, and 2
6.  MHCC Mental Health First Aid Certification and Violence Prevention in the Workplace No prer